ChurchBooks3 2019 Features

ChurchBooks3 2019

Church and Non-Profit Software

Church Management software that offers transparency in our church activities helps to prove our ministry, that we are faithful over little, and can be trusted with much. ChurchBooks 3.5 track every aspect of church finances and church membership activities. Designed for real-time church collections, ChurchBooks3 simple design and targeted reports make it the best software for churches who’s officers may have little or no computer experience. This church management software keeps your work simple and makes training easy while maintaining consistent records from one year to the next. 

Church Membership Software

​Track every aspect of your church membership and personal information in safety. ChurchBooks 3.5 offers a simple and easy way to keep up with and know all member activities. ChurchBooks3 stores your church data in a secure database on your local computer and not in the cloud where privacy issues may be a concern. This data file is easily backed up to your own Dropbox or other private cloud storage. Churchbooks3 has two main modules, the church contributions module, and the church checkbook module. 

Church Bookkeeping Ledger

​Finding a Church accounting software that is simple and makes a clear presentation to your church family is a piece to your ministry.
​The Checkbook module allows you to track all your church expenditures and bank related activities. Not many other church products allow you to do both. Churchbooks3 allows you to keep your Building Fund account and your General ledger account in separate accounts. You can create a detailed or summary report for a single service, or simply choose to select any beginning date and end date to display the difference between what was paid out and what taken in. 

ChurchBooks3 Setup is Easy

​Churchbooks3 is quick and easy to set up. Creating your church letterhead is a snap as well as assigning your church service types and offerings. User names and passwords are simple to assign. Never has there been a church accounting software so easy to use.

Happy Birthday Module

​A simple birthday module can go a long way in a church setting. Recognizing and letting church members know you have their best interest at heart is a key to winning over some. Some church software programs may have more bells and whistles, however, a simple note on their birthday to let a member know your church has not forgotten them can go a long way in reestablishing a loving connection. 

Church Year End Reporting

Year End Reporting can be difficult and time-consuming, but you have arrived at the right place. Churchbooks3 allows you with one easy click to print all your member’s year end statements


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